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  • June 21, 2017 - 12:00 AM

Buy order of 28 weeks Government bonds with annual interest of 11.805% starts from 21 June 2017 until 27 June 2017 through brokerage companies.

1. The issuer's name: Mongolian Ministry of Finance  
2. The purpose of the issuance of bond: State treasury cash management  
3. Offering scope of securities: Offering to the public  
4. Type of securities: Government securities  
5. Face value: MNT 100,000  
6. Discounted price: MNT 94,039  
7. Total amounts issued: 370,000 Units  
8. Short-term securities performance:
Government Securities name Symbol  Amount /units/ Value /billion MNT/ Maturity /week/ Form of Interest payment 1 year interest rate (percent) Starting date of the order Closing date of the trading
- - 370,000 37.0 28 Discounted 11.805% 2017.06.21 2017.06.27

9. Rate of interest: interest rate of the Government Securities, which will be issued weekly, will be based on auction results of Central Bank basis State Government Securities weighted average interest rate. If the Central Bank's weekly trading cancelled, the interest rate will be set based on the previous trading of Government Securities weighted average interest rate.
10. Order deadline: The Mongolian Stock Exchange will take orders until Tuesday, and the trading will close on Tuesday day at 11:30 AM and information on total orders will be delivered to the securities issuer.
11. Trading period: Total registered orders distribution of MSE trading system will be determined based on the Ministry of Finance votes.


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