Хөрөнгө оруулалтын банкны үйлчилгээ

Харилцагчийн хүсэл сонирхолд тулгуурлан хөрөнгө оруулалт, санхүүжилт, хөрөнгө босголт, үнэт цаасны зуучлал, эрсдлийн удирдлагын цогц шийд

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Бид харилцагчиддаа электрон арилжааны системийг ашиглан үнэт цаасны арилжаанд түргэн шуурхай, хялбар оролцох боломжийг олгодог.

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Та энд байна:

Investment  banking 

We aim to set a new standard in Mongolian investment banking industry delivered by a focused and highly-qualified team of professionals who share a common set of values and goals dedicated to continually improve our products and services to meet our customers’ needs and to provide returns to our clients as well as our shareholders.

Our business principles, the foundation of our culture are fundamental to our long-term sustainability and success.

Our core tenets include:

Client Success: We offer structural service and attention to individuals and companies for their needs with passion and honesty, and we evolve, grow and succeed with our clients.

Customized Process: We tailor our process for every transaction to ensure clients achieve their specific objectives while maximizing the shareholder value.

Confidentiality: Our tightly managed process protects client`s sensitive information.

Aligned Incentives: A flexible and contingency-based fee structure aligns our incentive with the client.

Maximized Value: Our ability to create competition among interested buyers and financing sources within a controlled process maximizes pricing and terms of a transaction.

Building Reputation: We value our reputation and recognitions given to us by our clients, our peers and the market for our integrity and honesty.