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Securities brokerage

TDB Capital’s online trading system offers you direct market access with the technology insights you need to meet your trading objectives. Our brokers can provide experienced guidance and informed views on the general direction of the capital markets that you can make your portfolio decisions.

  • We welcome you to participate in the Mongolian capital markets through our company and invest in Government bonds, Corporate bonds, and stocks. You will also be able to invest in private placements arranged by our company.

    Securities offered on the Mongolian Stock Exchange
    • Government securities
    • Stocks
    • Corporate bonds

    We offer brokerage services for participating in the primary and secondary securities markets, arrange block trades, transferring, gifting, endowment of securities and other complementary services.

  • You can participate in trade and control your securities account by using our online trading system connected directly to the Mongolian Stock Exchange trading platform without any delays.

    Online service

    • Monitor securities account, print statements
    • Monitor securities settlement account, print statements
    • Order placement
    • Send withdraw request from your settlement account
    • Account analysis, portfolio position
    • Securities coverage, graphic analysis
  • In order to expand our clients’ capital markets knowledge, we organize entry and intermediate level training courses for individuals, institutions, and communities. You can also request more detailed sessions on topics specific to your needs.

    Entry level course

    Topic: What are capital markets?


    • Capital market
    • Capital market participants
    • Securities, and financial instruments
    • How to participate in trade?

    Intermediate level course

    Topic: Intelligent investor


    • Fundamental analysis
    • Technical analysis
    • Investment risk management
    • Securities valuation
    • Portfolio, and portfolio management